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We provide services to companies using clean agent fire protection systems, such as FM 200, Proinert, Ecaro and AFFF Foam.

Companies needing fire detection, Vesda, UV-IR and Protectowire.

Our service area:
North Carolina
South Carolina


Fire Systems, Inc. is Licensed Distributors for:


  • Sales, Service & Installation
  • Clean Agent Fire Suppression
  • Pre-Action Detection & Control
  • Protectowire Linear Heat Detection
  • Vesda Air Sampling Detection
  • AFFF Foam Systems
  • Halon Removal
  • Dry Chemical Suppression
  • High & Low Pressure CO2

Why Fire Systems, Inc?

Our knowledge in ALL area of fire protection and many years experience.

Many of our customers have had a business relationship with George and Toni for over 40 years.

Our professional and certified salespersons, service technicians and installers.


Owned by George and Toni McCall, Fire Systems, Inc has been in business since 1992.

Prior to starting the company George worked at another Charlotte based fire protection company for 15 years. Being in the industry since 1977 and seeing a need in the market, George started Fire Systems, Inc. At that time Toni entered into the business and became the Secretary Treasurer.

Six years later George and Toni hired their first employee and expanded Fire Systems, Inc. The company has continued to grow, currently with ten employees that cover the Carolinas, Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia.